silver bead earrings
Silver bead earrings, $55.
all prices subject to change

silver bead earrings with turquoise and coral
Silver bead earrings with turquoise and coral, 55.
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spiral earrings
Spiral earrings, $45.
sunrise sunset earrings
Sunrise sunset earrings, $75.
sterling silver earrings by Leroy Begay
Sterling silver stamped earrings, $35-45.
old style sterling silver earrings with matching turquoise
Old style earrings with turquoise, $225.
sterling silver hogan stamped earrings.
Hogan earrings, $65.
Custom order earrings
Do you have Leroy's jewelry that you would like to have matching earrings for? Leroy can do earrings on special order to match your bracelets and necklaces. He'll work with you to come up with the matching stones  and design.
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