all prices subject to change

Shadowbox ring by Leroy Begay with boulder opal
Shadowbox ring with Boulder Opal, $175. Order #062
Rainbow of Rings
Shadowbox ring with turquoise by leroy begay
Shadowbox ring with turquoise, $165. Order #062
old style ring with coral branch
Old style ring in sterling silver set with a red coral branch, $195. Order #064
Shadowbox ring with Mexican fire agate by leroy begay
Shadowbox ring with Mexican Fire Agate, $175. Order #062
Stampwork inside rings
Stampwork inside the Shadowbox rings
old style ring with morenci turquoise
Old style ring set with Morenci turquoise, $175. Order #064
leroy begay fresh water pearl ring
Fresh water pearl set in crown bezel, rope detail and 3 wire shank, $125., Order #061
inlaid rings with various stones
Inlaid rings with a variety of stones, $250.. Order #065
sterling silver thunderbird ring by Leroy Begay
Thunderbird Ring, sterling silver, $150. Order #066
silver bead rings with top inlay
Silver bead rings with top inlay, $110.each Order #067
sterling silver and coral ring by leroy begay
Branch coral in the classic Shadowbox style, 3 wire shank, sterling silver. $175.. Coral shape vary. Order #063
wide band ring
Wide band ring, $150. Order #068
Silver and gold band rings
Silver and gold band rings, $125. to $165.. Order #069
simple silver rings with 14k gold sun
Simple silver rings with Sun stamp, $55. each. Order #030
custom jewelry in silver and gold by Leroy Begay
Custom ring, prices vary.
Zigzag ring inlaid with turquoise
Zigzag ring inlaid with turquoise, $265. Order #031
leroy begay shadowbox ring white coral
Shadowbox ring with white coral, $125., Order #063