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shadowbox choker bolos by leroy begay
A variety of stones set into the Shadowbox style pendant for the choker bolo.
old style choker bolo by leroy begay
Old Style choker bolo, $385.
bear claw necklace by leroy begay
A custom made piece, this bear claw necklace shows the wide range of custom work that Leroy does.
Shadowbox inlaid choker bolo necklaces by Leroy Begays
Shadowbox Inlaid choker bolo necklaces, $525..
sterling silver feather hair barrett, pendant and pin
Sterling silver Feather jewelry, $125. each
dragonfly choker bolo necklace by Leroy Begay
Silver Dragonfly choker bolo, $365.
dragonfly cross necklace
Dragonfly cross necklace, $3500.
An award winning design, this necklace is unique with it's double squash blossoms. 3 turquoise on the naja.
Double squash blossom necklace with naja pendant, $6500.
detail of double squash blossom necklace
detail of double squash blossom necklace
choker bolo with naja pendant
Choker bolo with naja pendant, $425.
Choker bolo with shadowbox pendant, turquoise
Choker bolo with Shadowbox pendant, $425.
choker bolo with old style design, turquoise
Choker bolo with old style pendant, $350.
choker bolo inlaid with various stones
Choker bolo with inlaid naja pendnat, $650.
Choker bolo with triangular turquoise, old style setting
Choker bolo with turquoise in old style setting, $350.
Choker bolo with thundercloud pendant
Choker bolo with Thundercloud pendant, $450.
old style tobacco canteen on choker bolo strap by leroy begay
Tobacco canteen on choker bolo strap, $900.
Silver bead necklace and turquoise pendant by Leroy Begay
Short Silver Bead Necklace with turquoise pendant, $1600.
shadowbox inlay choker bolo by leroy begay
Shadowbox Inlay choker bolo, mother of pearl, lapis, turquoise, coral, whiteshell. $525.
Silver bead necklace with inlaid shadowbox pendant and smaller pendants
Silver bead necklace with inlaid Shadowbox pendant and smaller pendants, $1300.
dragonfly choker bolo
Dragonfly choker bolo, $550.
small pendants by leroy begay
Pendants, $45 to $65. each.
detail of pueblo cross with turquoise
detail of pueblo cross
pueblo cross
Pueblo crosses, $250. each
pueblo cross with silver bead and leather cord
Pueblo cross on leather cord with 4 silver beads, $300.
arrowhead pendants wrapped in silver wire
Arrowhead pendants, $15.-$25. each
small pendants with stampwork and stones
Small silver pendants, reversible. $25.-$40.
pueblo cross on melon shell heishi necklace
Pueblo cross on melon shell heishi necklace, $550.